Painted Parade- I love a Parade!

Ok, y’all.

Gotta do some bragging on my niece, Alyson.  She is an amazing gal who can paint like nobody’s business.  Wanted to show you her newest Etsy site, called Painted Parade

She is painting plastic animals and they are adorable.  Who would have thought?

I want one of each!

She is also painting dinosaurs all decked out in their finery.   They have SURSEE written all over them!

Lester the Dinosaur

 Use them for a party or a decoration or just to set by your sink to make you smile.

Here Comes the Circus!

Look how cute they look as they marched across the table of a recent Baby Shower

These are a Sursee worth savoring.

Alyson also has an amazing business in San Antonio- go check out her work at Painting Places.  She would love to paint something special for you!

* Disclaimer *
Don’t want to be an infomercial or anything, I just want to be a connector…  I love connecting people,
and I think you need to know about Aly!  Enjoy her work~

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