People First

Proclamations are good.  My kids tease me about little proclamations that I make.

I say,”Here is my next big thing, word of wisdom, whatever”.  Awhile back when the boys were little one of my favorite proclamations was, “People First”.

This was a driving force in how I spent my time, ordered my day, taught my kids. Whatever I did, I ran it through this grid.  People First.  Was I putting the important before the lasting? The urgent before the eternal?

People last forever.

 Getting caught up on laundry- not really a lasting impact.

I tried to teach the boys that people mattered more when I would proclomate, “People First”.  Was I always successful?  No.  But at least I was moving in the right direction.

How can you live today making “People first” in your life? I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. By being completely attentive to the person/people I am with at the moment. How? Ask good questions and then listen.

  2. thanks for this great reminder. I’ve heard the phrase, “people are more important than things” but I like the simplicity of just saying “people first”…so wise. =)

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