Piano Lesson Sursees


Piano Lessons Sursees

One fun thing about writing is all the interesting people you meet.  This past year at Allume, a writing conference I attended,   I met Jennifer of Swing, Whistle, Zing.    She is darling and has a spiffy website all about children’s music.  It is such fun to go over there and read about all the great music there is today for kids.  She reviews music that won’t drive you crazy as you drive and drive.  Where was she when my boys were little?   Don’t miss her playlists and her great giveaway for her readers. How fun is that- she does the work; you get the goody.  She also wrote about Ben and his Sounds of Austin here.  Pass her site on to all the moms you know who need some relief in the carpool line.

Jennifer asked me to write a little doo-dah for her readers  about why kids should take music lessons.  Should or shouldn’t my kids take piano lessons?  A question for the ages?  Well, not really, but I do feel that piano lessons are super important in the life of every child. I wrote a little about our experience as a family over here.   Will you join me?


  1. Read it, loved it! Great encouragement again Leslie! Did you always have a piano in the home? We don’t have one, and I almost think buying a piano is more of a concern than the actual lessons!

    • We did have a piano from our early marraige days. One that was given to us- and the keys were brittle and broke and we had to find a new one. We bought a used piano then. The best that we could afford and it was and is a great investment. You can find some hot deals out there. Hope that helps.

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