Piles, Piles, Everywhere Piles

Who remembers the David Cassidy singing the  song, “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs”?Listen Here

It is a pretty funny song and one that rolls around in my head when I look around at all the piles in my house.  So, I sing it and replace “Signs” with “Piles”.  I know, I am kind of weird.  But listen to the song and you might be doing the same thing.

SO any who… today I am taking a Leslie Day.  That is a day when I set out to clean up, move out, straighten up, read, think, pray, diddle and stay home.

It is raining outside and the tennis tournament was cancelled and my schedule opened up, so I thought, ahhh, A Leslie Day.

Now I would encourage you and me by default, to actually plan these once or twice a month. Give yourself permission to stay home and BE.  Maybe it is when you write some of those letters.

Or organize your junk drawer.

Or go through your piles.

 Which is what I am doing.  All I see everywhere are piles.  Receipts. Photos. Church bulletins.

Things I have cut out of the newspaper or a magazine. Old projects not put away.

I am taking a deep breath and whistling whilst I work and enjoying a Leslie Day.

The Piles are disappearing and I am feelin’ groovy.
Come on get Happy!

Another nod to David Cassidy.  I watched waaay too much of The Partridge Family if you know what I am talking about.

So here’s to you taking a SURSEE-day for YOU, someday soon.  Let me know what you do on your day.


  1. Oh, the thought of being home all day and sorting and organizing makes me so happy! 🙂

  2. Do it, gal! I give you permission.

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