Pumpkin Patch

It is the first of October, and we need some pumpkins.
I found these beauties at Whole Foods.
These blueish green ones are called “Jarrahdales”. Beautiful. I picked one out for my porch.

Then I saw these- “Rascals”.  What a fun name.  I liked the mellow orange color of these.  They also had interesting thickly twisted stems.

Little missy here was drawn to the next pile ‘o pumpkins- “The Fairy Tale Pumpkin”.  Loved that name.  They reminded me of Cinderella’s Coach.  Aren’t they amazing all stacked there?
Had to have one of those for sure.
I am a sucker for these little tiny ones.  Grabbed the ones that had the white with orange veins.


As I left I saw these big honkin’ creamy colored ones and the brilliant orangey-red ones in the background.  Passed on these.  My cart and cup were full.
So here they are on the front porch step. So encouraging to see when I walk up to the house.
A puckered present for my porch.
Puckered present
 Sursees breathe life into me.
What kind of pumpkins do you get for your porch?

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