Pumpkins Help Celebrate Fall




Hey, friends.  Just a little reminder that it is time to get those pumpkins out.

Why do I write about pumpkins?

Well, for one thing, I love the way the word sounds- “pummmmkins”.

Or do you pronounce the P? PumP-kin.

My sweet father-in-law used a variety of the word pumpkin as a term of endearment for the Bear’s sister and called her, “Punn-Kin”.  I will miss hearing him say that, as will she.

So now you know why pumpkins are special to me.  So let’s get ’em out and show ’em off.

I found these at Trader Joe’s. Love that store.  I go in to get one or two items and leave with a bag full of goodness.

These little pumpkins are adorable and come in traditional orange and the new white shaded pumpkin and this little striped one.  Which do you like?  Only 69c for the orange and the white ones and $1.59 for the little tiger-striped cutie.


I call this one the Cinderella Pumpkin.  I have her sitting on my turquoise table in my foyer right now.  She looks so pretty and makes me smile when I walk by.  I found her at Trader Joe’s, too.

You can also find a variety of pumpkins over at Whole Foods.


I like having a runner down my table that changes with the seasons or my parties.  Right now I am using this punchy orange runner with a darling handmade pumpkin creation my sister made me.  I love using the real pumpkins along with a rich, blue velvet one for spark.  What do you use to go down the middle of your table?

Look around, you could use brown paper and leaves. Or grab some branches from a bush or tree in your backyard.  Or use cut flowers in cute vases or teacups or coffee mugs.  Whatever says Fall to you, use it.

Get your kids to help you and let them decide on what fall looks like for them.

Later in October, I will show you what I use for that spooky month without it being creepy or over the top.

Seasonal decorating is an easy Sursee that brings joy and spark to your life, and it doesn’t have to cost a bunch or take a lot of time.  I think this Sursee will lift your spirits.  I would love to see what you use, so that I can be inspired.

Isn’t that the best?   To be inspired by our friends?

Oh, and this makes me think of one more thing.  Seasonal cooking.  Fall makes me think of soups and chilis and stews.  It still feels a tad hot around here, so I will stick with this yummy recipe for  Pumpkin Bread.  You can bake two large loaves, one for you- one for a Sursee. OR, you can bake a bunch of little ones.

I use these loaf pans to make mine and then hand them out as fall Sursees.  Yum. Umm.  Pumpkin Bread is so good toasted or just warmed up and slathered with a pat of butter.

So many Sursees in this post.  Hope you feel encouraged to find a fall decoration from your yard or look down on your walk and see a leaf to use on your table.  Or maybe you will find a hot deal at the grocery store to make your table extra special tonite.

Let me know what you did…Sursees are always better when they are shared.


  1. Dawn Manley says:

    You are so fun and inspiring. We have decorated for fall as well. It is my favorite time of the year. I even decorated at the office for all of my co-workers. They now have fall leaves taped by their doors. They think I am crazy. Well I guess they could be right.

  2. I love that you decorated at work. Sharing a few fall Sursees up there is great and lifts spirits Thanks for sharing what you do, Dawn.

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