Quiet Time Sursees // A New Journal

Journal Love

  I am standing at my window willing it to be fall out there.  Needing a cool breeze to blow in and shake off some of these cobwebs.  Ain’t seasons grand?  Can hardly wait for this cool front that the weatherman is telling us is coming…I even wore a sweater today to will the cool weather to come.  Ha.

September makes me think of school supplies and a new fall outfit.  Getting a new pair of school shoes.  Football games.  Sweaters.  Zipper bags and notebooks.  New pens. Ahhh.

Since I don’t  buy school supplies around here anymore,  I bought a new quiet time journal from Target.  Only $3.99.  Pretty and fun.  A quiet time Sursee for sure.  It makes me happy to see it on my shelf.  I think it helps me when I read from my Chronological Bible to write some stuff down.  A verse that sticks out.  A word that encourages or gently reminds.  A whispery thought that comes from reading the living word.

I think the physical act of writing brings the word a little deeper into me.  I remember when I taught that was true.  Writing their thoughts and ideas down, the physical act of writing, helped my students to remember or clear their thoughts for the paper. Using all your senses: seeing, touching, and hearing it by reading it out loud, helps us to remember what we are reading.

Writing goes from the eyes to the brain to the hand to the paper and then we see it again. Cool.  All the while the living Word is changing us, working, shaving off the gunk.  I want the Word of God to reside in me and use all my senses to absorb it, don’t you?

So here is my new fav to get a little more out of my time in the morning- a beautiful journal.  Next time we will talk about my fav pen.  Pens have a personality and you need to find one that fits yours.  It makes all the difference.  Next time.

What do you use to pep up your time in the Word?  Do you have a Sursee to share with us?  Do tell.


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