Read through the Bible in a Year

Whew…things have been fun and crazy and busy around here.  I purposefully pursued Christmas with the family and decided to put the blog on the back burner- BOTBB-

So as I perch here on the edge of 2013 and peer into the blank wildness of 2014, I am reminded of one thing.   It is almost time to start my  One Year Chronological Bible. I keep wanting to write about this, but other things press in and I think, later I will tell all.  Well it is later, and I want you to know this is the best, best, best way to read through the Bible.

It begins on January 1st in Genesis 1:1 and ends up on Dec 31 in Revelation 22:21.  IMG_3606

Reading through the Bible this way has been life changing for me.  A friend had recommended it to me a few years ago,  saying it was like reading a novel, and I thought, sure.  But, she was right!

As you read through David’s life, you also read through the Psalms he wrote.  So beautiful to see how these interact with each other.

The letters of Paul are interwoven throughout the reading of Acts.  The Gospels are all together, so sometimes you read an account of Jesus healing someone or performing a miracle three times.

When I read through some of the Old Testament books, they sprang to life as I saw God’s faithfulness to His people or read about His reminders to be holy, over and over.  I saw new patterns in passages that were familiar to me.  IMG_3611

The other aspect I like about reading through the Bible this way is the community I feel with other gals who are reading it, too.  Sometimes we text each other if we have questions or comments.  Sometimes we just talk about an amazing verse we read that pierced our hearts.  I like sharing with these gals what the Lord is teaching me.

I have tried reading through the Bible before with a reading plan and always failed.  Mostly because I got behind in my reading and then gave up.  I also didn’t like how you read in the Old Testament, New Testament and a Psalm…seemed disjointed to me.  This Bible has nice reading chunks that are very doable and has the date in the Bible so you always know where you are.  And when I do fall behind,  I play catch up over the weekend.  IMG_3608

I really started seeing the flow of scripture in my reading and how it all related to one another over the year.  It really was like reading a novel, with real people and a real God who loved me and was showing me how He has always been pursuing me.

I bought the Tyndale One Year Chronological Bible on Amazon.  With two day shipping, you could start with me on Jan 2!  Get some gal pals to read with you and form a community.  You will love it!IMG_3614

You will see the Word of God in a new way and fall more in love with Him.  What a great SURSEE and a great way to start 2014!  Ready?


Thank you, dear Paige, for introducing me to this wonderful Bible!


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