Recycle Bowl- Sursee Secrets

A whole bunch of yuck!

Ahh, the secrets of the great cooks. What are they?

Well, really they are always easy, why didn’t I think of that, hit your forehead ideas.  Here is one.

When you are preparing dinner and you are cutting up your cucumbers or peeling your potatoes, what do you do with all the tailings?  I keep a big bowl on the counter I call my “trash bowl” or “recycle bowl”.  The bowl catches all the stuff you aren’t using.  It saves time and mess and at the end of the prep time you either throw it all away or launch it into your compost bin outside.

Ahh, so simple.


  1. Leigh Winker says:

    Great idea! This will save me at least 15, 7-foot walks to my kitchen trashcan – BAM!

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