Saturday Sursee :: 2 Fun and Functional Sursees I Found in my Travels

When I go on a trip, I love bringing home SURSEES!  You could have guessed that, I am sure.  The Sursee Gal  is not looking for the standard trinket or expensive museum shop purchase.  Oh, no.

Over the years, I have tried to find Sursees that are functional or have special meaning to me or the recipient. I need to tell you about the time I made the whole tour bus in Israel wait as I found the perfect Sursees for my Mom Hearts…eek! Not my best moment.

I have learned a lot since then.  When you see it, buy it if you love it because you may never pass that way again. Make quick decisions and move.

When I was in the Netherlands, I found two amazing Sursees that have form and function and were just plain fun.  They passed the Sursee Gal Vacation Sursees Test and have my seal of approval.

The first one is pure joy- My Pinocchio Pencil Holder and Sharpener

Pinnochio pencil sharpener and holder


My little Pinocchio makes me smile, and he is such a hard worker, too!  It makes me happy to see him sitting on the counter by my phone.  He is useful as well as FUN!  The maximizer part of me is satisfied.  Plus, he reminds me of my wonderful trip to the Netherlands.  BAM!

My second Sursee was this cute Kleenex Cottage.

Kleenex box holder


How fun is that? The cutest Kleenex dispenser. Ever.   Again, the form + the function makes my heart sing!  I love it!  And it looks so cheery and homey and bright sitting on the counter with its trail of kleenex smoke wafting out the top. BAM.

What do you look for when you travel?  I have a big trip coming up, and I would love to hear what you have your eyes looking for when you are out and about.  Happy Saturday to you.




  1. Love that Pinocchio pencil holder! So cute! Those are some great tips there–I can’t tell you how many times I have passed things up thinking I will come back and I never do. I’m going to use your tip to snatch it right then! I like to buy Christmas ornaments from places I’ve been. Our big souvenir from Disney World last year was a Mickey Nutcracker. I love Christmas stuff like that. Go figure! Can’t wait to see what you will bring home from your next big trip!

  2. Gal,
    Love the idea for Christmas ornaments….I have done that,too.
    Glad you liked the get it whilst there tip…it has saved me and haunted me!! HA HA!

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