Saturday Sursee :: A Cool Mint

Saturday Sursee- an amazing mint


I like carrying mints in my purse.  For those times when I need it or someone asks me for one, I can reach in and share.  I have tried lots of mints, and I know it sounds ridiculous but I love these little mints.  I found them before my trip to Indonesia and I liked the smaller size of the box.  The metal lid closes with a nice little click. And the cute little mints inside. Love!

I have been an Altoid fan, but the bigger box sometimes clanks around in my purse and the paper inside gets in the way and makes crackly sounds when I am trying to get one in church…

This little box-o-mints are a perfect Sursee to gift to a friend or a grown kid.  They are small enough to carry in a purse or a pocket.  And they are super wintry cool and fresh. Yay! A Saturday Sursee for your mouth.

What is your favorite mint?



  1. Any mint with chocolate attached!

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