Saturday Sursee :: A Little Music for Thanksgiving


Barbara Rainey

I love music and I especially love music that heralds a season and helps get me into the mood.  Cue some “Silent Night,  Holy Night” and I get all dreamy for Christmas.   Oh, and the gorgeous strains of  “Christ the Lord has risen today AHHHhhhh -le -loooooo-yah makes my heart burst with Easter Joy!

Give me some music for the season, and I will be a happy gal.  So take a listen to what I have found for our Thanksgiving celebration.  This beautiful book by Barbara Rainey also has a rich CD that comes with it.  The book is a lovely explanation of the first Thanksgiving, but the CD is what I really love.  So nice to have some hymns to listen to during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  Buy it over here.

The book has loverly illustrations that your kids will enjoy looking at and later reading through it as they grow.  I set my copy out during the month of November and the boys would look at it and we would talk about it some.  No big investment, but good to have beautiful books sitting out.  One cool thing is it is two books in one.  The large print is what you read for smaller kids and you can read both the large and small prints if you have a mix of younger and older kids.  The book is a nice resource about the first Thanksgiving with extra historical details throughout the book.  You can read it all in one sitting or spread it out during the month.

Thanksgiving Book 3

So in the spirit of thankfulness, I am thankful for this book and CD.  I think you will enjoy the Sursee of having some Thanksgiving music to listen to over the next few weeks instead of the Christmas music that is already out! Yikes!  What music do you listen to during the month of November?  Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving book?  Do tell.


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