Saturday Sursee :: An Easy Appetizer- Sunflower Seed Studded Goat Cheese and Crackers

Hey gals,

Just needed to tell you that I needed to correct this recipe.  I use sunflower seeds not sesame seeds.  Ooopsy.  Below is the corrected version.  Sorry for the confusion.  

Sometimes you just need an easy, yummy appetizer.  This is it my friends.

Easy Appetizer

Sunflower Seed Studded Goat Cheese.  So easy, but so yummy.  A Sursee.

Buy a log of goat cheese, sunflower seeds and grab your honey and crackers.

Unwrap the goat cheese and lay on a piece of Saran Wrap that is bigger on all sides.  Then pour the sunflower seeds on top of the cheese and roll the cheese back and forth until it is covered.  Use the Saran Wrap to help you cover the whole log with the little seeds.  Sometimes it takes a little pressing to get the seeds to stick.  Then roll up the log in the Saran Wrap and wait till your guests arrive.

Place the log on a pretty plate and drizzle with honey.  Add the crackers to the plate and dig in.  I usually start the log by slicing off a piece with a little knife.  I say that I am doing that to help my guests, but I really am doing it because I love this appetizer and can’t wait for them to get there to start eating it.

This appetizer is so easy and so good.  Try it this weekend.  What is your go to Sursee Appetizer?Do tell.



  1. Yummy indeed! I adore goat cheese and will have to try.
    Must say that my favorite appetizer is a chunky, spicy guacamole from the ‘Gluten Free Goddess’ website. Thank you, Sursee Gal, for inspiring us to cook for our loved ones!

  2. Here’s an easy-peasy, yummy one:
    2 of the 8 oz pkgs cream cheese
    a jar of dried beef
    you can add finely diced green onion, but I usually don’t

    Cut dried beef into thin shreds and work it into the softened cream cheese. Roll it into a ball and serve with crackers.

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