Saturday Sursee :: An Easy To-Do List That Moves

To Do List Magic 2

A friend of mine shared how she bought a little composition notebook and is keeping her to-do list in it.

Whatever she doesn’t get done today,  she moves to tomorrow.

No worries.  Just move it to the next day.

I like doing this too, because I have found that when I write it down, I get it out of my brain and free up more space to think and dream. And, I don’t have to wrestle with trying to remember everything I need to do.  I just write it down.  And if I don’t get to it today, I move it to tomorrow. Simple.  Keeps me moving forward.

To Do List Magic

I personally have found I enjoy a book like the one above that can open and lie flat.  You get to decide what works best for you.

The Sursee for you is: Don’t be afraid of a to-do list. Don’t be afraid to move something down to the next day.

We are looking for progress not perfection, gals.



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