Saturday Sursee :: Art Calendar-Craft with your Calendar-

Ok, this is the ultimate in multi-tasking. I love stuff that is beautiful and also practical.  Stuff that is art and is also useful.  This Art Calendar is just that.  I meant to write about it in January and was doing some living, so here it is February.  It is simply not too late to partake of this treasure, this Sursee of a Calendar.

Art Calendar 3

It is the ultimate Sursee because on one side is your calendar with beautiful art work.  You enjoy it all month, but the fun does not stop there.  Turn it over at the end of the month and there is a craft to do with

Art Calendar 2

the back of the page.  On the back of January is a file folder you get to cut out.

Art Calendar 4

Now I have a folder with beautiful coffee cups topped with swirls of cream.  What a Sursee!

It is not too late for you to run and buy yourself an Art Calendar.  I have mine hanging in my bathroom.  My working calendar is by Susan Branch and is hanging in the kitchen. But that is a Sursee for another day.

I haven’t even peeked at the back of February yet- so I don’t know what the craft is; I can’t wait to see.  Do you have a favorite calendar?  One that you have to buy every year?  Do tell…


Art Calendar 1

Here is February. Aren’t the lovebird swans gorgeous? Can’t wait to see what the craft is-eeek!


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