Saturday Sursee :: A Piece of Fashion Advice that Never Ages

This is one of the best pieces of fashion advice I have received in my life. Hope it helps you.

A friend told me this in college.  She said her mama told her, so now I am telling you.  From mama, to college roomie to Sursee Gal to you; here is a piece of advice that will change your world.  Not really, but it is good.

You Can Always afford a good haircut

Seriously,  a haircut is such a pick me up.  Don’t you love getting your hair washed….and snip, snipped?  Then blown dry to perfection.  I always feel like a million bucks when I leave the salon. This is therapy gals.  Tried and true. A confidence builder. And remember, be bold. Daring.  Your hair will grow back.

Is it time for you to get a hair cut?

So what is a piece of Fashion Advice, a Fashion Sursee, you have gleaned along the way?  Do tell.  I will be back with more nuggets I have gleaned, if you are interested…


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