Saturday Sursee :: Pumpkin Time


Puckered Porch Presents 2

It is pumpkin time again.  Your porch needs one.  You need one.  Last year I wrote about the patch I saw at a cool grocery store.  There are so many interesting pumpkins put there for your porch and home.

I also wrote about some fall decorating I did using real greenery and fake stuff.  Easy peasy.

Buying these little bags of mini pumpkins for table decorations or a perfect Fall Sursee is a fun tradition.  I found mine at the grocery store for less than six bucks. SUrsee Saturday pumpkins

Here  is what they look like when unloaded.  Beauty!  Ready to hand out to your best gal pals.

Sursee saturday pumpkins mini

What kind of pumpkin do you like?  Do you carve it or just use it for a little Porch Sursee?  I think I am going to carve mine this year….

Make sure you get a pumpkin or two today!  A great Saturday Sursee.

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