Saturday Sursee :: Thank You Note Sursee

Just wanted to share with you this darling card that a gal made for me recently.  She works at the Dry Cleaner I use, and we chat and visit when I come in to drop off shirts.  I had given her a little Sursee and Christmas card this past year.  The first time I came in in January with my big bag of shirts, she handed me this precious card with a big smile and slight bow.

I opened it up and found the most darling thank you note that she had hand-made for me.

Thank you note Sursees

Love it.  So Creative. Thoughtful.  A Sursee thank you.  I was so honored that she had taken the time to make me this darling origami note.  I plan on framing it and displaying it in my home.

Made me think of all the thank you notes I made my boys write or that I have written.  Did those brighten the day of someone?  Did they save it?  Was it their Sursee that day?

When I write the notes, they don’t seem  like much at the time, but when the recipient opens it, I guarantee that it brightens their day.  It might be the only Sursee they receive that day.

I am not saying you have to go fold paper into an amazing thank you.  I am asking you to consider writing a thank you to someone in your life today.  Think through the people who have loved you well or served you well and maybe pop a note into the mail for them.  It is a Sursee that won’t go unnoticed.  And also a Sursee that will bless you as you write it.

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