Saturday Sursee :: Write a Thanksgiving Note with A Freebie From Susan Branch

Susan Branch Thanksgiving 2

Hey y’all,

Here is a fun Sursee for you.  A beautiful, FREE, printable stationery sheet from Susan Branch- one of my favorite artists!  On her website she has a place where you can download for free- stationery, book marks, or desk top wallpaper.

The thought is that you download this fall paper and then write a note to someone to express your gratitude for them.

Susan Branch Thanksgiving 3

Or maybe download the decorated paper and use to post your thankfuls for the next two weeks.

Or let your kids write a note to Grammy and Gramps and tell them how much they love them.  Or jot a note on the paper and give to a neighbor- the perfect way to say thanks for picking up your mail when you were out of town.

I might even use a sheet to plan my Thanksgiving meal and then make my shopping list.  Sursee!

Go over here and download your  Susan Branch Thanksgiving Stationery

Who are you going to thank with this pretty paper?  Do tell.



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