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Ok, here is the scoop.  Here are two things that I took on my recent trip that were a win-win.

#1  These little puppies- Compression Socks

Travel sursees 3

They are not the most attractive thing, but I am telling you: they worked! Sursee Gal Honor.  I pulled them on once we were on the plane, then slipped on my slippers. Ahhhhh.  The hose kept me in comfort for the whole 15 hour flight. They really kept me from getting all swollen and fat footed and tired leggy. Travel Sursees 2

Sometimes on long flights, I get what I call the Jimmy-leg.  With these pretties, none of that.  Here I am modeling them after the 13 hour flight- look how happy my feet and legs look.  Found mine at CVS.

#2  A package of these-Cleansing Wipes

Travel Sursees 1

Photo made in action, on the plane, early in the morning after 15 hours of flying!!


A friend of mine, a Sursee-ette, told me about these.  She explained how on her long transatlantic flights, she brings these and wipes her face down, getting all the makeup off, then slathers her face with a thick moisturizer right before she settles in to sleep.  So, I did the same.  Felt great.

I also used a wipe at the end of the 15 hour flight and handed another one to Craig so we could wipe off all the trip gradu.  Felt so refreshing, and it was super easy to store in my bag.  These can also be used to wipe hands or clean a tray table.  Check.  Check.  A refreshening little mini spa for me.  Bought mine at Target.

What things Sursees have you found that help you when you travel? Do tell.



  1. I always have a lightweight scarf (large) or Pashmina. Easy to stash, keeps neck and shoulders warm, serves as a blanket, or rolls up for makeshift neck pillow. Plus it’s a fun burst of color, making you look like a savvy traveler. However, be sure to wash at the end of your trip

    • Hey gal,
      Great idea! I had one, too, that I took. It is so multi-purpose and gives a nice pop of color for the rest of the trip! Any other ideas?

  2. FunKyChick says:

    I am going to Europe in a few days and I am taking a pair of lightweight compression socks/hose as well. I am also taking a small travel package of disinfecting wipes to clean the armrests and tray table on the planes.

    • Yes, yes. I think the wipes are a great idea. I read an article about how they never clean those areas. Also, it warned about putting stuff in that pocket because that never gets cleaned out. Yuck. Have such fun on your trip!

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