Sit By Me!

Three words.  Sit by Me.  Means more than I think.

Someone wants my presence.  I am important.  I am loved.  Ahhh, feels good.

Went to see a play last week and sat by my niece.  So fun.  My sister had texted me, “Pls sit by little missy.”  Great to feel loved.    Fun to look forward to sitting by her.
Sit by Me.

Wanna ride together?
Will you work with me?
Let’s have coffee…

Emailed a friend the other day…”Need a lunch with you”…

….She emails right back, “How about Wednesday?”
“Great,” I say.

“Can’t wait”, she writes.


Felt loved.

I call this phenomenon The Women’s Retreat Rule.  Here is how it plays out.

We all get invited to the Women’s Retreat.
I decide to go.
Call a friend to see if they are going.
“I’m not sure,”she says
“Come on, go with me,” I say.
Room with me.
Ride with me.
“OK.  I’ll go.”

Memories made. Truth heard.  Friendship deepened.

We both got invited, but she is not wanting to go until she hears the three words.
Sit With Me.

Jesus calls us, too.

Come, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.  Matthew 4:19

Come ride with me.  Sit with me. Be with me.
Yes, thank you, I will.

The SURSEE of an invitation.  Go give one today.

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