Snail Mail Sursee

I had a friend tell me the other day that she really appreciated the note that I wrote her.  She emphasized how it had come on the perfect day.  She had really needed that note.  On that day
Weeks before, the Lord had prompted me to write her a note.  Don’t call.  Don’t say something in a passing conversation.  Write an old-fashioned note.    So I did, not knowing that my friend needed that note when it dropped into her mailbox three days later.  
Today, I saw how the Lord was using me– what a sursee.   
Isn’t it great to be a part of the Lord encouraging someone?  Are we listening when the Holy Spirit nudges us to call or write someone?   Can you think of someone to send a note to today- the old fashioned way, sealed with an X and an O?
P.S.  While I was working on this post, a friend sent me an encouraging note saying, “You Go, Girl!” after she had read my first two posts.  Thanks friend, for listening to the Holy Spirit and spreading more love and sursees around.  XOXO 

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