Staying organized this year

The Notebook

January is always a new start for me.  I like to write resolutions, make lists and organize myself.  So here is my newest way to do all three.

I buy a cheesy spiral notebook and keep all of the above in it.   My “to do” list goes in it.  I jot my goals on one or two pages.  Grocery list for the week- perfect for that, too.

I keep my notebook with me by the computer so when I see something in an email or on a website that I need to remember,  it lands in “The Notebook”.  That way at the end of the day I don’t have a million little scraps of paper with phone numbers or dates or to dos.  I know where everything is.  In The Notebook.

I also keep my dreams in it.  My somedays, my maybes. My redecorating ideas, my big list of things to accomplish this year.  All there.

It isn’t fancy.  But it is a simple way to keep organized. A simple way to keep everything at your fingertips.

So go buy youself a little sursee- your organizing notebook and see if you like it.  I think you will.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! So excited and looking forward to reading your thoughts, words of wisdom and encouragement, and recipes!!!

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