Stitch Fix My Way

I know you have heard about Stitch Fix…this super fun way to get some help shopping and making decisions and getting fashionable.  All at the same time.

  I read about Stitch Fix the first time here.  I started telling everyone else about it, but actually have not tried it out myself.  I think partly because I like- TRUE CONFESSIONS TIME HERE-  shopping.  OK, I said it.  Now you know.

Anyhoo…a group of gals were talking the other night at Creative Night, and one friend wanted to try it, but she said she needed help making decisions .  So one gal said we should Stitch Fix her.

 So, I, being the helper that I am, volunteered to stitch fix her.

Ha!  I am pretty indecisive and not sure I have the best fashion sense,  but I do love to help people and I do love to shop, so we made a date and met.

Now, if I was a truly professh blogger, I would have pictures to insert HERE.

And Here.

But, I am not a professh blogger, and I don’t have any pictures,  so you will have to use your imagination.   We met at Francesca’s  and had a ball.

Francesca’s has loads of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves and racks of cute dresses and tops. A veritable candy shop for clothes and accessories.

My friend tried on several outfits and looked amazing in her long chevron-striped maxi- “You look like a Grecian Goddess!” I exclaimed.

I picked out a super fun belt.  She wasn’t sure so I made her put it on. Belissimo!  She smiled.  I think she liked it.  Stitch Fix is going well. Friend is looking good. A cute top. Maybe this headband?  Oh, look at this cute orange date purse…

“Here let me hang that up for you.”  Who remembers shopping with your mom and her job was to hang the garments back on the hangers?  Well, that was part of my job, too.

“I’m not sure about that.”
 “Just try it on…”
 “Love it”
“You need a POP of color for your necklace”
“I want to be safe”
“No, we are not going to be safe.  We are going to be FuN!,  and you will smile when you wear this.”
“How do I wear this?  Where else can I wear this? “

This is what friends do for each other.

 I have been on the other side of these questions many times, and it so helps to have another opinion or a friend’s thoughts as you are perusing the strands of necklaces or the spinning racks of earrings.  I can never decide.

So, today, I was the decisive one.  Helping my friend figure out what she LoVeD!  And she did have ideas and thoughts about what she liked, and they were good ideas.  She just needed someone to help push her over the line.

I was the helper today, and it felt good,  Hopefully, she will turn around and help someone else have confidence and learn they have what it takes inside of them.

Sometimes it just takes the Stitch Fix Friend to help you know~ you have what it takes!
What a great SURSEE~ 

Next up, Closet Clean-Out…stay tuned…
Sursee Stitch Fix Friend

Footnote 1….Can you tell I was trying to practice adding links?  So fun.
Footnote 2… I would love to meet you for a Stitch Fix, just call.  Or maybe you could do one for me?

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