Stop While It Is Still Fun :: A Homeschooling Tip That Works for All of Us

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Stop while it is still fun.

What do I mean by that?  I will start with a homeschool example, but since all moms homeschool, this advice is for all of us.

One morning  you are teaching away.   If  you get to a point in your day when the tears start or the attitude comes out, stop.  Take a break.  Go outside.   Everyone, you included.

Then start back on the math-writing-spelling lesson, whatever it is, the next day.  It is amazing what a little break will do.

I learned that if I stopped a learning activity or teaching time while it was still fun, things went a whole lot better the rest of the day.  I also learned that when we hit that wall, all of my threatening, cajoling and yelling wasn’t going to help get over that wall.  It just did not. 

 But, if I started fresh the next day, woo-hoo, we were all ready to go.  And usually, whatever the  impossible task was on the day before, today it was totally done in five minutes. No kidding.

 This works in all areas of our everyday lives.

Stop the birthday party while it is still fun.  Stop the field trip earlier rather than later.   Stop The Work/Chore time.   The errand running.  The Driving Lesson when they are teens.  The shopping trip for clothes.   The Whatever.  End while it is still fun.

And isn’t that also true of us personally?

We need to stop when we are having a frustrating time with our sewing machine or a recipe or a relationship. And we need to start afresh the next day or an hour later.

Going to bed on time is a great act of faith.  Believing tomorrow is a new day for us to finish whatever is an act of faith.

I know, I know.  Sometimes we have to push through adversity.  Push through hard times.  Finish what we start. I am not saying you QUIT and never finish.  I am saying that there are days when we need to put the activity aside and stop.  And start something new.  And the next day start it again.finish while it is still fun

So your SURSEE for today is a permission slip to stop while it is still fun.  Look your child in the eye and say we are going to finish this tomorrow. And then hug them and move on.  Or maybe, you need to go to bed early tonite as an act of faith.  Try this and let me know how it goes.

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.

 Anne of Green Gables




  1. Oh I love this!! Such a great reminder. And I love how you pointed out that stopping or going to bed early is an act of faith. I so struggle with this. I think most often we just need to push through but often it is my pride, my desire for control, my desire to be finished that is driving me–not faith and trust in my God to be big enough to handle that task whether it is in 10 minutes or another day. Just love your encouragement!

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