Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

Wow, have you ever heard that before?  I had not.  

Royer’s Cafe-Best Pies in Texas

That is awesomeness defined.  A true SURSEE of word play.

That needs to be embroidered on a pillow or written on a chalkboard for the world to see.

Love it!

It was here at Royer’s, on their little postcard, where I read The Quote about desserts and stress.  Had to have a piece of their pie, and it was good.
Here is the yumm-oh-licious pie the Bear and I shared at Round Top.  SO good.  I believe we chose Peach Pie, no ice-cream.
Yummy Pie!
More details coming about our trip to Round Top-the Mecca of Flea Markets and Shopping and Deals and so on.  Let me just say it was chock full of SURSEES!

But the thought I leave with you is:
Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

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