Summer Homeschooling :: Time to Get Ready for Fall

I realized that I have a tab on my blog home page about Homeschooling, but I never write about it!  So I am going to start adding in a few blurbs here and there.   I was thinking a good place to start would be the Summer planning I did.  Maybe if you know someone who home schools,  you could pass this onto them? 

August HomeschoolWhen the calendar flipped to August, I started thinking through what I was going to do with my homeschool year starting in September.  First thing I did was buy a teacher’s planning calendar like this.

I liked it because it had a week at a glance and then a page with the whole month where you could map out a month visually.  Planning calendars are helpful because you can pace yourself and add in field trips or doctor’s visits or vacations. They keep all your lesson plans in one place and are a good way to check your progress.

I usually wrote out all the goals I had for our homeschool on a large sheet of paper first and then started popping specifics into dates on the planner.  I wrote everything down first.  Broadbrush ideas of what I wanted that year in our school day.  This way I could see if I had bitten off more than I could handle.

Next I would start plugging in specifics for each day.  In pencil.  Again I could see visually that first week if I had been overly ambitious.  I had room to write the schedule for each boy and that helped, too.

Another thing I did was to schedule days off.  Sometimes I did two weeks on– one week off.  Sometimes it was every Friday off. Definitely took time off in December. You decide, but you can always change your mind.

I also eased into school.   I started with the  Readers, Read Alouds and Math the first week.  The next week I would add in two more things, then more until we had our full schedule.  This worked beautifully for the kids and me!  I wanted to ease into the schedule, too.

Writing down the big picture and then filling in the details helped me to stay focused and true to what we wanted to accomplish.  A little planning led to a more restful start.  It also helped me to see what I still needed to purchase or find around my house instead of waiting till the night before.  Oh wait, I did a little of that, too.  Ugh.

Hope this helps some of you readers who are homeschoolers.  We can always chat more about this over coffee if you need to.  Or chat in the comments. Ha!




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