Summer Sursee :: Leave a Sursee on the Front Porch for a Friend


Hey gals,

I have a great idea for your summer.  Why don’t you leave a Sursee for a friend on their front porch?  So fun.

Fun for you to find and wrap a little something.  Remember a Sursee doesn’t have to be big or expensive.  Think veggies from your garden. A buy one get one free item from the grocery store that you share with a gal pal.  Maybe it is something you made like notecards.  Or maybe it is just a note and a plate of brownies you just made.

I recently found this on my porch, and it just hit the spot for me.  Needed a little reminder that someone cared.  I was so excited to see it there.  A nice little happy from the Lord to tell me, “Gal, you are loved.”

Sursee on the porch

So take a minute and think of a little Sursee you can deliver to a friend.  Leave it on the front porch with your note and then make a dash for it.

 How fun is that to come home and find a wrapped Sursee on the porch?  For no reason. Except to show someone you care and be a little touch of Jesus. 

So who are you going to Sursee this Summer?

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