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Popcorn Supper

We hada little tradition around here on Sunday nights.  For dinner we ate popcorn and apples. Yep, that was it.

Sometimes we even served the boys  Coke-y Milk, as we called itwhere I would pour a little Coke into their milk.  Super exciting I know, but it is the little things.

It was a simple meal for the end of a busy weekend.  I didn’t have to think about what was for supper.  A break for me.  A break for Craig.  And the boys loved cutter

I used this super cool Apple Slicer.  With one Swoosh,  the apple was cut and I was done.

When I was feeling healthy, I added some sliced cheese to the mix.

We have an awesome popcorn making machine called the Detonator- extremely gifted in its ability to make great popcorn.  I have since learned about PopCorn Salt, read about it here.

It is the simple things we do as moms and families that build into our kids.  The simple things are what your kids will remember.  Eating together around the table, laughing, having a Special Sursee of a meal like Popcorn and Apples.

What  SURSEE do you serve on Sunday night?  Do you have a special, traditional meal that you always have that will create memories for your kids?  Try one this weekend.



  1. So funny: our summer tradition for Sunday supper is popcorn and smoothies! Great minds…
    Can you tell I’m catching up on your blog while Little Miss eats?? ;o)

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