Sur-SEA~Thoughts from the Beach

Ok, I’m here at the beach, beautiful white sugar sand,emerald green water. Really, there are so many shades of greeny, bluey gorgeousness out there. So mesmerizing to just sit and stare. And listen. Ahhh, vacation.

I love vacations. I think mainly because I actually relax or at least make attempts to be still. I’m on day three here and I think I am doing ok. A friend challenged me to write from here beachy ponderings, sandy thoughts, watery ideas.

So here goes. My first morning I received a very special SurSea from the Lord. Rising early, I was on our balcony staring out, looking and whoosh, up it popped! A fin, a blackish, grayish hump, and then it was gone. I screamed. It was a dolphin swimming happily by. I say happily because that is how I picture dolphins~with little toothy, grinny smiles. A dolphin can’t be sad. Think about Flipper.

One of the boys was with me and said, how did I know it wasn’t a shark? Hmmm, I thought and then blurted out,” Because I know it is a dolphin.” so scientific,I know. I had so wanted to see a dolphin last time we were here and whoosh, there it was again. Right where I thought it would come up. Poosh, a blow of air and water from Mr. Dolphin. Sharks don’t do that, do they?

What a fun, first morning delight. A SurSea from the Lord. He who knows me better than I know me, knew I needed that. Down in my thankful journal the sighting went. Thank you, for dolphins and a son to see it with, and the eyes that were looking to see what He was going to do that very moment.


  1. No better place for fresh thinking! “Refreshed by Mother Ocean, human souls are mended.” Aaaahhhh! More watery ideas and sandy thoughts, please!

  2. I love this! I’m always scanning (whenever we go to the beach, which isn’t often) for dolphins. Would love to see one jump!!

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