SurSea~ What I learned at the Beach

Reflecting on a girls’ weekend I spent at the beach, I remembered again how much we as women  need girlfriends.

They challenge us and inspire us.

They hear us.
They laugh with us.

I learned a lot this past weekend.

#1 Try a few salads from a gourmet deli for your meal.  We picked out some different salads~ Basil Pesto Pasta, Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes, a Creamy Chicken Salad, and a delish Beer Cheese slathered on crackers.  It was all so yummy and fun.  Reminded me of the Psychadelic Lunches I had  growing up where you picked a mishmash of everything and arranged your plate.  I loved serving  the boys my own version of PLs when they were growing up.

#2 Laugh.  Laugh a lot. I did some really hard belly ache laughing this past week, and it was great.  Watch a Chick Flick or three in our case.  We stayed up late, late one night and watched the Twilight series.  I found the Wax Lips back on my pillow at one point when I had to run back to the dark bedroom.  These gals know how to laugh!
#3  Make time for sunrises and sunsets.  We marched or ran down to the beach each night and watched the sun set. Beauty.  Majesty.  Worship.  Taking time for what is important.  Watching a sunset helps you to remember what is important and helps you to sloooow down. 
#4 Sing.  A bunch.  Whether we were jamming in the car to oldies or listening to praise music down by the water, we sang all the time.  I loved it.  Made me remember old times with  friends. High school.  College.  Early married days.
Reminded me of His Goodness to me. Singing frees our soul. Makes our hearts glad.  
Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth.
Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before Him with joyful singing.
Psalm 100:1,2

#5 Be ready for adventure.  When this girlfriend asked me back in the summer if I would come with her to the beach, I thought of all the reasons why that just wouldn’t work.  I did say yes to her.  I did feel a bit decadent when I told people that I was going to the beach for a few days, just because.

 I have learned how to be adventuresome and brave from this friend. She is passionate about the beach, the shells, the water, Jesus. She is confident.  No doubts.  Assured.

These were a few of my sur~seas from my gal trip.  I hope they inspire you to sing, laugh, try a new recipe and watch a sunset.  All with a sense of adventure.  


  1. Love every last bit of this!! so incredibly wonderful! Thankful for your friend to invite you and for the opportunity for you to go.

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