Sur~Sea…A Whiff of Summer

The first whiff of it takes me back. Back to growing up and summer and simple things.

Coppertone = Summer to me.

I smell it and immediately remember swimming at the neighborhood pool and playing spider in the corner with a friend. Eating warm PayDays from the vending machine while you play Jacks on the hot concrete in the shade. Friendships, crushes, sunburns and growing up. It all comes back when the bottle of Coppertone is opened and the white goo is spread in palms and rubbed on backs and arms.

The sur~Sea? A smell that reminds me of days gone by. How can one smell do all that? What smell makes you think of summer?


  1. hhmmm, let’s see…most of my summers were spent on the farm so I’d have to say the smell of fresh cut hay or a peach or blackberry cobbler coming out of the oven – yummy!!

  2. Horse manure! I worked at a horse ranch summer camp every summer of my teenage years, and that smell is like… coming home. I know. Gross right? But such amazing memories. I was thinking about camp just today, missing it, and mourning the fact that my camp has shut down back home and that my kids will never get to go there 🙁

  3. I’m the same way…Coppertone = summer smell! To this day…

  4. Telephone pole smell = Six Flags. Remember?

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