Sur~Sea…Flip Flops and Grocery Carts

Second day at the beach and it is back to the grocery store already.

We had gone yesterday when we arrived, and it was crowded. Once you got on an aisle, there was no turning around. Cart to cart, we all maneuvered and filled up with food for the week.

But today was different. It was early morning, and we were all a little happier. A little more relaxed. Swimsuits, shorts, cover-ups…flip-flops, sandals…no make-up, bad hair day? Hey, it’s ok- it’s the beach! I felt like I was part of something- a community. A group? A special club?

No, it felt like family.

I felt like I was part of something bigger than me. It was fun to be there, seeing people I would never see again, but feeling connected to them.

My sur~sea today was knowing I matter. That community matters, even hundreds of miles away from where I live. We all want to matter and be known.

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