Sursee Gal Goes Ital :: Door Knockers

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I saw so many gorgeous door knockers while I was in Italy.  The doors were magnificent- big. wooden. carved.   And then, like the icing on a cake, were these gorgeous knockers.  All different.  So many styles. shapes.  I saw a few repeats, but mostly they were all unique.

Door Knocker 1

I wondered if anyone uses them.  Really. Does anyone pick it up and knock, knock , knock?  I was so intrigued with them.  So curious.  What was behind the door?


Right now I am experiencing extreme jet lag.  We have been home around four days and it is the middle of the night in Italy, and I think my bed is calling me. So I will say Ciao, Ciao and leave you with these wonderful Sursees for a door. door knocker 3 door knocker 4 door knocker 5 door knocker 6 door knocker 7 door knocker 9






  1. Love those knockers! Great fun. I want one of those on my doors–seems so much more distinguished. Love your big smile in the last pic!

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