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God Centered Mom Podcast

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Guess what?  I was on a podcast recently, and I want you to go and listen to it.  My friend, Heather, at God centered mom interviewed me for her very first podcast.  Woo-Hoo!



The gals at Allume

She is an awesome friend and helper to me, teaching me how to tweet, blog and laugh.

She and I talked on her podcast about life and living and mom-hood.  Basically, we just talked about stuff you already know, but need to be reminded about.

Things like,

You are the best mom for your kid.  

Pray more and use less words.  

The days are long, but the years are short.

A friend who listened told me, “Leslie, I felt like y’all were sitting right there with me.  And it was so encouraging.  Loved all the reminders.”

We all need reminders.  The Israelites needed reminders.  Manna every morning to remember God was leading them and taking care of them.  Jesus repeats himself in his parables and teachings and reminds us to break bread and drink the wine in remembrance.  We are so forgetful.  So human.

I hope you will go over and listen and be reminded and encouraged.   Go back to the truth that you know is what my mentor always tells me.  

Here is the link again to the podcast.  Sursee Gal is live online!  Now that is A SURSEE worth sharing.  Share with another mom who just needs a word of encouragement today.




  1. So excited to hear the 2 of you talk! 🙂


  2. Loved it! Leslie–your heart was so evident in every word you spoke! And I didn’t once hear you say “UM!!” I am so thankful to know you, and to hear your morsels of wisdom. I am going to go in and watch my kids sleeping now!

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