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Hey y’all.  I recently did another podcast with Heather at God Centered Mom.  We talked about all sorts of fun stuff…

  • Reading to your kids  and ideas for books and what your kids can do while you are reading. Love talking about this.
  • How to work with the feeling that everyone needs me all the time.  At the same time.
  • What to do when those feelings of anger pop up and sometimes come crashing out.

Go over and listen to us at  Or you can go to Podcasts on your phone and listen.

I hope that listening to us encourages you that you really  are the best mom for your kids and that God picked you and no one else.


  1. we have been reading “gone-away lake” to the kids-we LOVE it! it is so fun to see their eyes looking up to the right as they are visualizing the story. the writing is so fun and descriptive and engaging. thanks for the rec!!

    • Oh, I am so glad. I think there is a sequel, too. You should also read Caddie Woodlawn and Anne of Green Gables and! I could go on and on! Thanks for telling me, friend.

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