Sursee Gal’s Cure for Burns :: Pass the Mustard, Please!

Mustard bottles

Here is a super great tip that you are not going to want to forget.  Well, if you are like me and sometimes burn yourself when you are cooking, you will not want to forget this!

The other day I was cooking and cooking and pulled a hot cookie tray out of the oven, and when I put it on the stove top, I knocked over my olive oil.  As I reached for the olive oil, the pan jostled, the hot pad fell out of my hand and my now bare hand gripped the pan full on and yEEOWWWW!   I burned my finger and palm as I gripped the pan full on.

I immediately grabbed a piece of ice and then remembered that is not the correct remedy so I googled what do you do when you burn your hand?  So love the internet at times like these. I scanned the first few entries and spied the mustard cure.

What? Mustard? Plain ‘ol yellow mustard? Yes. Yes. Yes.

I squeezed a large blop of it on my very sore and blistered hand and felt some relief.  As it soaked in and a few minutes passed, the pain started to fade.  Reading further, the article suggested placing a gauze bandage and tape over the mustard poultice which I did for the afternoon.  I removed it after about 3 hours and washed it.  The burn hurt a little as I showered and the hot water hit it, but not as bad as I expected.

That night at my dinner party, my hand felt a tad sore, but not like usual when I have a burn.  The next morning was the clincher for this remedy.  No big giant blister and I could bend my fingers with no pain.

mustard cure1

A miracle I say!

Go out and buy yourself a jug of that French’s mustard and be ready for your next burn…Sursee Gal over and out.


  1. This is brilliant! I have never heard this before. We love yellow mustard in our house and so it is always on hand. Great tip!

  2. Thanks, gal. It is so amazing and unfortunately I have to have this safe guard at the ready because I am always burning myself….ugh.

  3. Love this! Ha! I always have plenty of mustard on hand. So sorry to hear that happened though. Thankful mustard was to the rescue!

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