Sursee Saturday :: A Great Red Lipstick

a great red lipstick


I am always inspired by those little beauty articles that tell me what shoes to wear with skinny jeans or what  face powder, eye shadow or nail polish is awesome!  I like when someone else does the work. Today the inspiration is all about Red Lipstick.

A little back story.  I always think that the models who don red lipstick look so glam- but I am fearful of trying it. I also felt like finding a Red Lipstick was a rite of passage- a grown-up dealie.  But how to find one?

Sursee Gal did the work for you. I scoured the shelf at Target for about a minute and found you don’t have to spend a ton for this fun Sursee.  This here lipstick is a tiny investment that packs a big wallop.

I wanted to find the perfect red lipstick and really just accidentally found this one. I think I scored.  A beautiful red that looks fallish and rich. A Sursee for the lips.  If it is too dark, you could tone it down by blotting some off and adding lipgloss on top.  I have been having such fun wearing it and feeling so grown up!

 The details: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick/ 740 / Certainly Red

I found mine at Target.  Natch.

What are your thoughts about RED lipstick?  Is it for you or not?  Do tell.

Happy Sursee Saturday!



  1. Stepped out with my first red early this year, and never looked back:
    Clinique Chubby Stick “Mightiest Maraschino”. Ooh-la-la! It’s yummy.

    • Oh thanks, gal. Will check it out. Thanks for the tip! We need to get your picture on here instead of this little fisher price shaped person!

  2. As you know for me, wearing ANY sort of lipstick is a big deal! But when I do wear lipstick–I always have been told red is my color! So maybe I should wear it more often. Need to check this one out! Thanks Sursee Gal for the fun sursees you are sharing on Saturday–keep them coming!

    • Yes! You should try some red lipstick! Just like Nancy Drew, you need to don your fresh lipstick before you leave the house. xoxo

  3. Happier at Home has been on my lengthy to read list for a while. I really enjoyed The Happiness Project. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this one!

    • I have enjoyed it, but sometimes I feel like I am reading the HP again- wondering if it sounds familiar or if she used some of the same stuff. I still enjoy her writing though!

  4. Hi Leslie! I’ve never worn red much because I felt it was too overpowering on my oversized lips! But, I wanted to try it this year so I got more of a Bordeaux color. It’s MAC Rebel A64. I saw a tip online about wearing red and getting it to stay on and not bleed. And it really works! You line your lips, then apply the lipstick. After that you very carefully use a tissue and put your mouth over it, the old fashioned way to “blot” it and lastly you dab a bit of powder on, and voila! It works especially well for just a bright classic flat red lip!

    • Oooo-I love these tips, Sabrina. Thanks for sharing your wisdom of the lipstick! Can’t wait to try. Want to check out the MAC color, too.

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