Sursee Saturday :: Let’s Share our Best Ideas


A friend recently sent me a text with an idea for a Friendship Sursee.  Check it out.

Friendship Sursees

These cute little kleenex boxes fit in the cupholder of your car.  Love.  Our Kleenex box is constantly rattling around in the back floorboard, just out of reach of my arm when needed.  When the boys were little, it was stepped on and crunched by feet or empty! This Kleenex tube sits protected in your cup holder, ready to help.  A great idea for a fun Sursee for a friend or your own car.

Another friend told me what her dear friends did for her this week.  Listen to this.  She lost her wallet and later that night her friend brought over a new wallet!  Not only that, it was filled with more Sursees…restaurant gift card, cash and a VISA gift card.  Woo-Hoo.

How sweet is that?  Losing your wallet is the worst.  This made the day end on a joyful note for my friend.

I love hearing stories like the one above because it gives me ideas to file away in my brain about how to love well.

These two examples also sparked an idea in me. I need to ask you all to send in your best Sursee Ideas for a friend or family member.  We all need inspiration, and I know y’all have received some awesome Sursees over the years.  So send me your ideas.  Give us all some inspiration and encouragement as we see and hear about your creativity.  Comment on this post below or tag me on IG so I can see your fun idea

When I return from Italia, I will have a Readers’ Sursee Saturday and share them all with you.  Sound fun?  I am excited.  I need some infusion of creativity, and I bet you do, too.


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