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Fav pen 4

Last week I showed you my new fav journal here and I promised you I would tell you about my pen love.  Now I don’t know about you, but I only recently bought a pen that I really love.  I used to just have a drawer full of give away pens from hotels and meetings.  None of them really wrote very well.  Some would burp out a blop of ink and ruin a letter I was writing.  Ugh!

Then I met these pens by Uni Ball.  They are so dreamy.Fav pen

They have a nice rubbery grip and a fluid ink that writes so smoothly.  Makes even my handwriting look professional.  I love the width of the ink line too.  It says 7 mm on the packaging- not sure what that means or who actually measured that.  An added perk I also just noticed on the packaging is that these pens help prevent check fraud.  Not sure how, but that is a bonus. Ha!

Now, I am not saying go out and buy these.

saturday sursee

Sursee Gal wants more for you.  I want you to go out and try a little better pen than the one you received when you attended a conference or bought in a package of 28!  I want you to check into what makes your little heart sing and find a pen and grip that you like.  Experiment and play with some pens.  It makes sitting down and writing so much more enjoyable.  Maybe you will even write some letters with joy in your heart and hand.  Or journal with new vigor because your pen is awesome.

This is the perfect Sursee because of its low cost and enormous bang for your buck.  Tie one up with some notecards for a gift for a sister.  Put two in a sack and share with a friend.

These pink ones are super fun, too, and they give back money to breast cancer research, treatment and education.  You won’t lose this colorful one as easily either.

saturday sursee

So happy Saturday!  Go out and try these gel pens or find your own new favorite!  A  new pen – a splendid Sursee that will make your writing an adventure.  Do you have a favorite pen?  Do tell in the comments.

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