Sursee Saturday :: Special Seasoning


Hey gals,

Gotta tell y’all about this yummy seasoning that I have been using.  Sursee Gal did not find it herself, but was introduced to McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning by a good friend.  She made this delish Salmon recipe for me, which included a generous sprinkling of this condiment on both sides of the salmon fillet, a spray of coconut Pam oil in the pan and a squeeze of fresh lemon at the end. No photos of this luncheon treat.  Trust me it was so, so good.

I have since been using it on chicken and steak and it adds such a delicious flavor.  So simple. So good.

Seasoning Sursee

I am thinking it would be good on roasted potatoes, too.

Would also be a great Sursee to take as a Hostess Gift or slip into the Christmas stocking of a college student.

Don’t just take it from me.  Try it out yourself and let me know.



  1. Carol Bee says:

    Only SurseeGal can blog to predominantly Texas gals about something from Canada while in Italy. You are now SurseeItal. Or maybe SurseeVentures. Wait, wait… GlobalGal!!

  2. Haha!! What about “Sursee Gal In Ital!”?
    Loving it over here. Been handing out my cards all over the place. Sursee Gal goes international! See you soon. Xoox

  3. Love that you have been handing out cards in Italy! Oh man, can’t wait to catch up–I’m being left with tantalizing yarns while you are over there, just bits and pieces! Will make the stories all the sweeter! We love this seasoning–especially on burgers.

  4. This is one of our favorites! Especially good on burgers.

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