Sursee Saturday :: Wearing Scarves and Long Necklaces

Ok,  I admit, you might already know this fact that I am about to share, but I feel compelled to tell you about a new fashion tip I recently learned.  It’s all about the scarf and the necklace and how you can wear them together.  What? Yes- it is true.  Tell me that I am not the last person to learn this?!

Wearing necklaces and scarves

If I wore a scarf, I never really thought about adding a necklace under it like this.  I think it looks awesome and love how the detail of the necklace peeks out from under the scarf.  I like the layered beauty and the Sursee of the longer necklace getting to shine under the scarf.  A new way to think about wearing scarves.  I like that.

Hope this isn’t a lame-sauce Sursee and that someone out there is thinking, “Super cool! I never thought of that.”  If that is true, then that is a Sursee for me!

So today, go layer a scarf and a longer necklace.  Have you learned any fashion tips lately that made you think about something in a new way?  Do tell.

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