Take a Picture on Mother’s Day and Make Sure That You Are In It

Here is Sursee Gal with her men on Easter Morning.  Joy!

I meant to get this post out for Easter, but decided to put writing off for the time that all the guys were home.  I was trying to practice what I preach about being in the moment and embracing the time and slowing down.  I do love Instagram and Facebook posts, blogging and Twitter, but sometimes I just want to slow down, be in the moment and not miss them.  I knew I would have time to write after they went back to their places and the home was quiet again.

Easter MorningSo now we are on to Mother’s Day.  I want to encourage you to do something.

Make sure that you take pictures on Mother’s Day.

We liked to take them in the front yard right before we headed out to church.  Or sometimes we would take a picture at church so we could all six be in it.

I do want to encourage you to make sure that you take a picture that you are in, Momma.  Sometimes I only got photos of the boys, and I wish now that I would have hopped into the photo.  I think we as moms tend to take a bunch of the pictures so make sure this year that you hop into some casual pictures with your family.  I also think you should take photos of the everyday.  The normal stuff.  Their rooms.  Your backyard.  Their favorite toys.  Reading to them.  Whatever it is that says, This is my family and this is what we do.

So gals,  I am giving you fair warning. Take those photos.  A photo of you with your darlings on Mother’s Day will be a SURSEE you will treasure.



  1. Great warning! I do tend to be the one behind the camera. Thanks!!

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