Take Before Photos of the Quirky

In life we tend to just take the after photos.  Rushing to get to the end, we miss documenting where we began.

Recently we had our handyman come and install a light for our closet.  We did have a light: a rickety old pull chain hanging down from a bare light bulb.  Like you might see in a prison.  Or an interrogation room.  Like what you see in the drug lord’s abandoned house where nothing good is going down and Jack Bauer from 24 is about to rush in guns blazing.  Yep, that is my closet!

Twenty three years we entered the closet, arm held high and yanked that chain to let there be light.  Sometimes the chain would get gunked up  in the workings and Craig would have to be Mr HandyHubby and get a new  light bulb fixture-base thingey and our closet was lit again.

This week though we had had enough. On my list of Empty Nest redos was a dolled up closet like I had been seeing on Pinterest. So much coolness out there.  Wallpaper in beautiful botanical. Shelves for handbags.  A mirror above velvet lined drawers for accessories.  A new glam light fixture- and oh wait, with a pull chain? No.   I didn’t see any pull chains out there in Pinterest World.
So we decided to fork over the bucks  and have a light switch installed with our new light fixture.  Man is it awesome!  It is the simple things, people.

Light switches and the quirky


I can’t believe how great it is to turn on a light with a light switch and not grab for a swinging pull chain. WOW! It is also funny how simple it really was to do.  And we waited 23 years to do it. Hello!  Why do we build up things in our minds and not do them?  I know I have more examples of this, just can’t think of them.  Progress is the word, people.  An action step.
It usually doesn’t take as long or cost as much as you think it will.  I have had material draping a bench for months before I  stapled it on for a new look.  Didn’t take long at all.  I have had pillows languishing in the closet that needed a cover and this week, I sewed up some envelope covers for them for the front porch chairs.  Didn’t take too long, and I used fabric that I had been saving for just the right project years.  I get a gold star for that project.

But back to the awesome closet light and switch.  I want to show you the before pic, but I don’t have one. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of that.  But why would I?  It is just one of those things in our house that was kind of quirky and we just dealt with it.  But oh how I wish I had the pic.

Like the pic I have of Kevin’s gash on his leg from his ski trip accident that won us a ride in the ambulance.  (No pic of the ambulance ride- I was too embarrassed to take one, but now  I WISH I had that!)

I have  photos of  a tree that we planted, and now I look out and see a massive trunk!

I have photos of Lego creations built.

Huge Backpacks that were carried.

Beards that were grown.

All the renovations and progress during the growing up of boys to men. Thankful for these memories.

What before pics do you need to document?  Go take one today.

The SURSEE is the BEFORE  photo.  An unexpected surprise that accepts the quirky!

Pull chains and the quirky

Here is a photo of the hall closet Pull Chain Magic!




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