The Very Best Prayer for our Kids No Matter the Age

Praying for our kids

Sometimes we need to be reminded.  I have published this prayer before, but thought you might like the reminder.  I know I need reminders and you are probably not that different from me.

I love this reminder of a great prayer for our kids.  Good for all ages.  All stages.  It is one of those things over the years that I am growing in and learning more about.

Sometimes I make things more complicated than they need to be.  Prayer is one of those things.  What to pray for my kids?  Over the years I have read books, been to studies, downloaded calendars, all of which are good, but here is a prayer for you that is simple and lasts through all your days here on earth.

God, I pray that ________ would be all that You created them to be.

This prayer.  Simple.  Easy to remember at any age.  Helps me to loosen my grip on these kids and hand them back to their Maker, their Father, their King.  Covers all the bases.  All the years.  All the fears and worries.  Joys and good times.

Sometimes the simple is the SURSEE.  Do you have a special prayer that encourages you? Do tell.


  1. Fabulous!!! Adding this to the prayer mix. Thanks!

  2. What a gem…a life-long prayer to lift up that’s to the point and from the Mom-heart!!
    Since we love our boys, here’s one I claimed long ago:
    “How wonderful and pleasant it is
    when brothers live together in harmony!” Ps. 133:1
    I’m seeing the fruit, now that they’re in their twenties :). XOXOX

  3. AMEN!!! Why do I think it has to be harder than that? I’m praying this!

  4. Such a good prayer, especially when we’re still figuring out what their personality and abilities are. My kids are 3 months and 2 years old so a prayer like this is very helpful indeed!

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