This is the life.

“This is the life.”

Saw this on a canvas at a shop and had to chuckle. This is one of my mantras. 

This is the life. Whatever is happening in your life right now, Is It. 

But sometimes we think life is coming after we have the baby or after the kids are in school Or out of school.
The Life starts when we move in or move out. But no, wherever we are is The Life.

Finding a new favorite recipe. This is the life.
Projectile vomit. This is the life.

Attacking a new goal.  This is the life.
Where to put the kids in school? This is the life.

Talking with an old friend when you need to be doing hundreds of other things.  This is the life.
Parents who are aging and loving them. This is the life.
A hurting marriage or a broken relationship. This is the life.

Unloading the dishwasher.  This is the life.

Going to the grocery store,  one more time.  This is the life.  The highs, the lows and all the in betweens is the life.
So, I have learned no matter what happens, this is the life.    But, what I have also learned is this:

I  need to take the next step and embrace The Life.
I learned this several years ago when I was struggling with something that concerned one of the boys.  I kept rejecting the issue.  Thinking in my mind, “I reject this. I reject this. Augh.  I don’t like this.”
I remember hearing the still small voice of the Lord, not audibly, asking me,

 “Leslie, why don’t you embrace this that I have given you? I picked it for you.”
Hmmm.  Embrace this?  Ugh. I like rejecting it more.  Pushing  it ……. away.   

God called me to wrap my arms around it and embrace it.  I had this image of me putting my arms around  the situation and relaxing as I embraced and trusted God. I am learning to receive it all from Him.  
Now when I am in a situation I wouldn’t pick, I visualize myself embracing it.  A much better visual for my life.

This is the life. No more waiting for some life. This is it. Embrace it.  

What do you need to embrace today?  

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