Three New Beauty Sursees

Here are my three Fab Finds for February.  Three products that will help you make it through the dry, dreary doldrums.  One of these SURSEES will even add time to your day.  Promise.  Let’s get started.

* First Sursee-Spray on Moisturizer-

A friend told me about this product, and it is awesome. You spray on and go.  Your skin will thank you.  A fun way to put on lotion, and I think my kids would have really liked this! I can just picture spraying this on them when they hopped out of the tub.

 spray on moisturizer

* Second Sursee- Yum-ola Neutrogena Body Oil

Sesame Body oil- A Lucious smell

I borrowed this from a friend when we were at the beach.  I fell in love with its smell, the way it soaked into my super dry skin and the way it moisturized my legs and arms.  It has a wonderful, spa-ish , clean smell.  Smells sometimes remind me of places and times.  This clean smell reminds me of a happy memory that I can’t quite place, but it makes me happy, so I like it.  I think you will like it, too.  Run, don’t walk, and buy some now!

* Sursee #3- My Special Time-Saving Trick- Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo-a time saverThis stuff is awesome.  I borrowed some of this from the same friend.  Aren’t friends great?   I need help with beauty products because those aisles at the store sometime overwhelm me.  It is awesome to try something a friend recommends and then fall in love with it.  Then I don’t make any mistakes.

I use this on the day when I take a shower but don’t want to wash my hair.  It is a miracle how it makes my hair look clean and fantastico!   Spray it on, let it set, then brush your hair.  It is truly amazing how great your hair will look.  The big SURSEE is you just won back an hour in your day. Kind of like the Harry Potter trick when they turn back time.  This stuff turns back the clock and now you have an hour added to your day.  Woo-Hoo!

One word of warning- Don’t use the Spray on Moisturizer can on your hair by accident like I did, thinking that it was my dry shampoo can.  Not a good plan.  And,  just for the record,  the dry shampoo didn’t help so much with hair sprayed with moisturizer.  Not that you would ever do that!

All three of these fab finds can be purchased at Target, CVS or the grocery store.

What Fab Beauty Finds can you share?  We are all stronger when you share your secrets, friends. Ha!



  1. These all look really fun! I do think my kids might really love the spray on lotion. I super love that you accidentally sprayed that all over your hair! Hilarious. They should make the cans look less alike!

  2. Well actually gal, the bottles don’t look that much alike!?!? I did have to laugh at the look of my locks that day! I had to get going and use the dry shampoo so it really put it to the test. xoxo

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