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Hey y’all.  I have to tell you my exciting news about the money I saved yesterday.  Now if you are under 35,  you will not be impressed with this first tip.  So bear with me.

Tip #1. I cancelled our home phone yesterday.  EEEP!  I was a little nervous, polled loads of people and finally did it.  And it feels good.  We are now saving around $40.00 bucks a month. Yes!  I know that you are laughing at me if you are under 35 as you have not had a land phone for years, but it was a little sad for me to think of not having a phone.  What if someone can’t find me?  What if someone else gets my phone number and uses it for their Tom Thumb card?  What if there is an emergency and I need it??   So many things are tied to that phone number- reward cards, pharmacy account, library card, doctors call back numbers,etc.  I guess it will take a little time to ferret all that out, but others counseled me that we will be fine and can still use that number for our reward programs.  Shwoo!

One thing I do know is that I will not miss the robo calls, the political calls, the calls looking for LaShondra Johnson.  We have been stalked for years with those .  Will not miss.  I realized that no one I knew was really calling me on the home phone. Now, it is gone!  Are you needing to do that?

Second tip.  Ask if there is a better deal that your phone company can offer you for your mobile plan.  I saved some bucks there, too, and received more data for less money. Hello?  Why didn’t I know about this deal?  Well, it seems like you have to call and ask about this deal.    I am thinking you can get a better deal.  I read an article a  few years back about calling all your service providers and asking for a better deal.  That year I saved money on my newspaper, gas, and phone bills.  Who knew?  The Sursee here is you’ll never know, unless you call, and they know you probably are not going to call.

But now, you know, and you are going to call.  And you will probably get a really nice young man on the phone who will be very patient with you as he explains about the gigabytes and minutes and rollovers and blah,blah that make your eyes glaze over.

Tip #3.  I also got a better deal on my cable service- just by asking if there was a better deal.  And there was! We are saving money, plus receiving faster speed for our internet.  Again, you have to call and ask if there is a better deal.  I guess they know that we are not going to do that, and so the deal goes undone.  But not you. You are going to make the call and save some dough.

A few months ago when I called the newspaper it took around three times of me asking, “Is that the best deal you can give me?” before I landed the best price.  Gold Star for me!  I kind of felt like I was on Let’s make a Deal or  The Price is Right.  We all love game shows, right?

So the Sursee for today is for you to make a few phone calls.  Get some deals.  And save some moolah!  What a Deal!  Would love to hear what deals you get in the comments below.



  1. Holly Ramsey says:

    Your power company is ripping you off!! Big time!! The worst possible thing you can do is let them roll you onto a default plan when yours expires. Go to, sign up for the cheapest plan you see regardless of whether you’ve ever heard of the company or not. We have used every company name under the sun and never noticed any difference. Mark the date your CHEAP plan expires on your calendar and get on the website and do it again. It’s literally a 10 minute phone call (or less) to switch, and it saves BUNDLES of money each month (when I say bundles I mean like the difference between 19 cents per kwh compared to 7 or 8 in some cases).

    • Yes, yes,Yes! I do this, too. Thought about mentioning it in this post so I am so glad you did! Great advice. You do have to make sure and mark your calendar with a reminder because they jack it up after that if you don’t make that easy phone call again. Thanks, gal.

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