Vacation Flowers

Whenever I go on vacation, I am always amazed at the flowers.  You see things you recognize or kind of recognize.   Sometimes they are ginormous.

reminds me of an Allium sp?
These purple beauties were huge and I started seeing them everywhere. I think they are related to the onion family.  I wish I had another picture to show you as these sit on top of a long, thin stalk and then have a burst of these purply-blue flowers.  Almost look like a firecracker!
On our hotel grounds

These were growing all over the hotel grounds and were loverly.  The green of the bush contrasted so well with the purple thistly blossom.  Loads of bees digging these.

Growing in the sand
Remind me of a mini carnation
Not sure what these were called, but looked like what I call Pinks or sometimes known as Dianthus.  They were just plopped in the sand at the hotel.  How do they make it?  The green part reminded me of Rosemary.
Yellow beauties

These yellow guys were clinging to the rocks high up above the ocean.

Pebble Beach Hanging Basket

Look what I saw at the golf course….they had big balls of Fuchsia pansies hanging in the arches of the storefronts.  Yummy.  How do they water these?  I want some.

Cousin to the Aloe Vera?

Not sure what these are called, but they grow all huge together.  Remind me of an Aloe Vera or the tentacles of a sea monster.

Beautiful walls, beautiful flowers.
I always love flower boxes!

In downtown Carmel, everyone has flower boxes with all kinds of flowers spilling out.

I start feeling a little sorry for myself, remembering our hot Texas summers and how my plants never quite look like this.  It’s like the weather is magical out here- sunny days with a cool breeze blowing….they can grow anything.
Check out this house and its amazing garden-Wow-Zah!
I want to live here!
Succulent on steroids

I am having a crush on succulents; this one is amazing.  The size of a dinner plate.

So hope you enjoyed seeing some of these flowers I have seen.  I am always amazed at the Lord’s creativity when I see all these new flowers. He planted Sursees all over for us to enjoy, and I am thankful for that.

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