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Empty Nesty

These days look like In and Out.  Back and Forth.  Home and Away.  Here and There.  Mom and Not-Mom.

I am talking about the days of older kids and college days.  Of coming home and breaking away.  Of laughter some days  and other days, tears and that swelling up in my chest that feels like it is going to crush me.

I love having our grown kids home.  I know they don’t really belong here anymore, but I relish the times they come home.   I find that always, I want one more day.  One more meal.  One more something.

On the other hand, I am living a life here, people, and I have duties and lunches and meetings and things going on.  And then, these kids, they swoop into the nest for a time and what does that look like?  Do I drop everything and wait?  Do I keep on with the life?  Sometimes I dance the dance well.  Other times not so much.

I am up in the morning and waiting.  They are in bed sleeping.

I am droopy and tired; they are ready to watch a movie.

The one thing I can count on during these days is that things keep changing and this Sursee Gal doesn’t really like change all that much.   Memories of kids giving up morning naps, what?  I did not like that change.

Move on to Toddlers changing into preschoolers into  middle school messes so AWK and then into Highschool Whatever, Mom.  Always change.  Always readjusting.

I now know that the only thing for certain is things change.  Seasons come and go.  The days are long but the years are short.

This will be my first summer with no kids home.  Hmmm….what do I think about that? A big Change, for sure.  Each stage I stuttered and faltered as I got used to the new normal. Somedays fine.  Other days a little sad-sad trying to figure it all out.  All the time fighting the Big C- Comparison.  You know how it goes,  the voice in your head who says,

” Oh, everyone else has this, but you.”

Not so much, gals.  We are all stumbling and bumbling.

Why does it take me so long to learn and relearn these lessons and embrace the Season I am in?

We are all faltering and sometimes foundering on the way.  We need each other to speak life into us.  We need Jesus who is our Rock.  Our strong tower.  Our shield.  He meets me in my mess and says it is going to be alright.  And that He will walk it with me.

You are going to make it, He says.  I am with you and Do not fear right there in the Word. Hold onto that truth, gal, no matter what stage you are in.  Whether your stage is little guys giving up a nap or big guys going off to college.

I am entering a new phase of this Empty Nesty, looking at the revolving door on the nest as birds fly in and out.  Making my Summer Fun Plans.  Asking the Lord to show me some Sursees along this Empty Nesty Path to share with you. I know they are there.



  1. Ashley Cating says:

    I’m not an empty nester and this spoke to me! Thank you…always thank you! Can we be a part of your summer plans?? 🙂

  2. Yes, I want you to be a part of my new summer. Call me to go to the Arboretum or Park or museum or something!!

  3. O gal, so helpful 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I’m just starting the mommy journey with a 4 month old, so my nest is just filling up. Really important to keep that long view of motherhood in mind, especially in these tougher moments of having a baby that feel more like survival than motherhood. I love that Christ has gone behind us and before us.

    • Oh boy, oh boy! A four month old. So fun. Enjoy, embrace and remember you are the perfect mom for little Miss Carson. So many great days ahead for you. xoxo

  4. Melody Dockery says:

    Sweet, Wise words, Leslie. My mama heart is drawing “courage” from your “encouragement”!

  5. Lord help me to embrace the season I’m in. Loved this.

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